20% gratuity is added to all events. 

Additional hours for the room during the week $100 per hour during weekend $200 per hour. 

All food is portioned per person and is not unlimited. 

We require a $200 deposit on all events. Deposits will be deducted from the final guest check and the customer will be responsible for payment of the remaining balance as laid out in the terms of the special event agreement, on the date which the reservation occurs. 

Full refund is granted within 14 days of event. 

Final guest count is required 48 hours prior to event, 

exceptions made for specific circumstances.

If the patron does not confirm the guest count, then the original number of guests, as specified on the special event agreement, will be utilized as the guaranteed number. 

All decorations are considered with prior approval. 

All events that are considered to be a shared space will not be able to increase guest count the day of event.