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Must choose from the following:

Tab Bar

(all items appear on an itemized bill and are added to your total)

Limited Tab Bar

(all items appear on an itemized bill which has a pre-fixed maximum amount which cannot be exceeded unless by hosts request)

Open Bar Packages

Time reserved ~ 3 hours  

Beer & wine ($30 per person)

Barrel Club wines, imported and bottled beers. 

Premium ($40 per person)

Premium brand liquors, Barrel Club wines, Imported and domestic beers, Barrel Club specialty cocktails. 

Top shelf ($50 per person) 

Top shelf liquors, Barrel Club wines, 

imported and domestic beers, traditional and specialty cocktails, and martinis.

Ultra premium or allocated alcohol is included at the discretion of management.

Barrel Club Barrel_edited_edited.png
Barrel Club Barrel_edited.png
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