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Brunch Package

 $27 per person • (all options are portioned per person and are NOT unlimited). Includes coffee & tea

Farm Fresh Eggs • (Choose two)

• Scrambled eggs

• Scrambled with hooks cheddar 

• Hard boiled eggs with sea salt & chives

• Scrambled eggs with spinach 

• Eggs Florentine



Omelet Station ($100 per chef attendant) 

Add $8 per person - Maximum 40 guest per chef attendant.

Bacon, ham, tomatoes, onions, peppers, mushrooms, spinach, hash browns, cheddar cheese, havarti cheese & egg whites 

Sides • (Choose One)

• Apple smoked bacon

• Chicken sausage links

• Sausage patties 

Potatoes (Choose one) 

• Roasted potatoes 

butter, herbs, house salt 

• Hash browns 

shredded potatoes, butter, house salt

•Herb loaded potatoes 

shredded potatoes, bacon, cheddar & parmesan cheese

French Toast (Choose one) 

• Caramel & chocolate

• Fresh berry compote 


Add $10 per person 

Shrimp & Grits 

cheesy grits, argentinian red shrimp, cajun red sauce 

Chorizo Hash 

pork chorizo, potatoes, peppers, scrambled eggs, cotija cheese

Smoked Salmon 

herb cream cheese, cucumbers, 

onions, marble rye bread 

All you can drink mimosa package for an 

additional $25 per person

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